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"Fuck Jon Snow," and other excerpts from Sean Bean's AMA.

Sean Bean was on Reddit today, and his answers were cracking me up, so I decided to post some of them for y'all.

Redditor: Do you have anecdotes about your time filming National Treasure?
Sean Bean: There was one where I went back to Nic Cage's house, and we'd had a few drinks, we were playing pool and he accidentally knocked over his prehistoric cave bear skull and smashed it. And he was really upset about it, and the next day went and buried it in a field.

Redditor: Would you rather apologize to Frodo or actually have that conversation with Jon Snow?
Sean Bean: I did apologize to Frodo, didn't I? Or I told somebody to tell him I was sorry. And fuck Jon Snow.

Redditor: What was your favorite Boromir scene to film? Either that you had fun with or that you think helped with Boromir's characterization.
Sean Bean: We did a good scene with me and Viggo, where we just sat together chatting about our past and where we grew up and where we came from, you know, discussing how much was at stake at that particular point in the film. I always remember that. I enjoyed working with Viggo very much, I enjoyed working with everyone, but Viggo and I got on very well together.

Redditor: Hello Sean Bean, I was wondering what your favorite comfort food is?
Sean Bean: I've got quite a few, actually. I like chocolate. Yeah. I do like chocolate. And I guess it's that and tomato soup. And tinned custard. With bananas. And I guess that's it really! I love milk, as well. And milkshakes. Mmm. Mashed potatoes. Yeah. Meat & potato pie with gravy. Like a Cornish pasty. With Henderson's relish, yes. That's very important to me. It IS!

Redditor: Why did you not teach Jon Snow anything?
Sean Bean: [Oop @ this spoiler?]HAHAHAHAH! Because he's not mine!

Redditor: Is the story about you finishing your pint after a bar fight true?
Sean Bean: Yes.

Redditor: Who would win in a fight - Boromir or Ned Stark?
Sean Bean: Boromir.

Redditor: Hey Sean! What can you tell us about Legends? [OP: I guess that's his new show or something? Can't tell what it's about, but Mac from Veronica Mars is in it!] The commercials look cool but confusing at the same time. How pissed will you be if they kill you off of your own show?
Sean Bean: Well, it's a complex story, of a man trying to discover who he is, where he's from, what his previous life was. He gets flashbacks and he's trying to put the pieces together. And I guess that's why you see him in various different roles, various times of his life, and he's been told that he's not who he thinks he is. It's a psychological thriller with action. It comes from the characters, it's not action for the sake of action, people find themselves in very desperate situations. It's a very fast moving thriller.

Redditor: Can you tell us a little bit about Jupiter Ascending? Did you enjoy making that movie?
Sean Bean: Yes, that was great, a great experience working with the Wachowksis. Because they both direct together, you know? It's fascinating to see them work. It's just a wonderful world they've created, very surreal, magical sometimes, corrupt universe. It's very detailed. It's difficult as I've not seen the finished product yet, but it was a wonderful experience to work on! It comes out in February, I think.

Redditor: Does the Fellowship still keep in touch? Do you all ever get together to recount times from making the LOTR movies?
Sean Bean: Occasionally we bump into each other, you know, doing our rounds. Yeah. I bump into Viggo occasionally, or Orlando Bloom.


Sean Bean doesn't have a tag??
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