Characters From ASOIAF We're Probably Never Going To See on the Show

Any of Balon Greyjoy's Brothers (Victarion, Euron, and Aeron)

There are two new major plotlines introduced in A Feast For Crows - the goings-on in Dorne after the death of Oberyn Martell, and the goings-on in the Iron Islands after the death of Balon Greyjoy. Balon Greyjoy is (presumably) still alive on the show at this point, which would mean there's no way to do the Iron Islands stuff, which kicks off at his death. Still, he COULD die very early in the season - but it doesn't seem likely, as season 4 back pedalled on Yara Greyjoy A TON.

We know they're banking hard on Dorne this season (casting many of the Sand Snakes, Doran Martell, and Areo Hotah), which leaves little room for the Iron Islands too. Remember that this show still needs to service its primary cast, which is more fractured than ever. There's Tyrion's plotline in Essos, Cersei and Jaime in King's Landing, Arya in Braavos, Jon and Stannis at the Wall, Sansa and Littlefinger at the Vale, Daenerys and her crew in Meereen, and Ramsay and Reek at the Dreadfort. That's SO MANY PLOTLINES. And they HAVE to keep them all in play, lest they lose the actors (as seen with keeping Theon around to be tortured for an entire season).

Could They Be Introduced Later?

No Iron Islands means no Kingsmoot - which means no Victarion being a badass and sailing off to Daenerys with a magic dragon horn. Also, no Euron Crow's Eye being evil and ominous, and no Aeron Damphair being weird and nervous. Theoretically they could show up later, but what would be the point (other than to have a bunch of awesome salty new Greyjoys)? The show's already overstuffed as it is, and there are other ways to get the dragon horn to Daenerys.

Arianne & Quentyn Martell

This is something weird - a huge portion of the Dorne plot in the books is through the eyes of Arianne Martell, daughter of Doran Martell and heir to the Dornish throne (since women have a lot more rights in Dorne than they do elsewhere in Westeros). She plots an ill-conceived coup with a knight of the Kingsguard and winds up locked away in a tower by her father. Yet even though she's an essential main character, she's not showing up at all this season - all the other Dorne casting has been announced, and younger brother Trystane Martell is now listed as "the heir to Dorne." Odds are her character is being rolled.

Also missing is Quentyn Martell - who really doesn't spend almost any time in Dorne in the books, as he's been tasked with gaining the support and marriage of Daenerys (and her dragons) out in Essos. Given the way his plotline ends though, it's not super surprising that he's being cut, but he was still a pretty major character that's nowhere to be seen here.

Could They Be Introduced Later?

Maybe, but it doesn't seem too likely. Arianne's character is probably just being rolled in to one of the Sand Snakes - bastard daughters of Oberyn Martell - in order to strengthen the season's connection to the most popular Dornish character yet (sorry, whoever Oberyn's girlfriend was).

Quentyn seems like he could possibly be introduced - maybe just skip all of his journeying and have him show up at Daenerys' doorstep with the world's lamest marriage proposal.

Griff & Young Griff

Without spoiling too hell, if you've read this far, odds are you've read the books, right? What are you even doing reading this article if you haven't read the books? Anyways, spoilers probably aren't even necessary - if you've read the book, you know these characters. If you only watch the show, who cares, since these two are probably not showing up anyhow.

Griff & Young Griff are revealed to be Jon Connington (former Hand to Aerys the Mad King) and Aegon Targaryen (son and heir of Aerys) in hiding, and meet up with Tyrion on his wacky Essos road trip (well, boat trip). There's still some question whether or not Aegon is truly Aegon or just a fake being set up to usurp the throne of the Seven Kingdoms - but show-watchers won't have to worry about any of that, since neither of the two have been cast, and they show up pretty quickly in Tyrion's post-King's Landing storyline.

Could They Be Introduced Later?

Maybe, but it'd be difficult - there's a value to them meeting up with Tyrion, who's able to identify them pretty quickly and give them some good advice. But their story also requires a great deal of explanation of the history of Robert's Rebellion, and the show hasn't been great at explaining that (it's easier in the books, since so many people just think about it - whereas the show would require flashbacks to really explain everything that happened). And there's still a chance that Aegon isn't even Aegon, so maybe the showrunners figure it'd be a waste of precious time. Still gotta have plenty of screentime for Bran to turn into a tree.

Lady Stoneheart

Nerdy book fans have been waiting for this reveal since the end of Season 3 - the grim and terrifying introduction of Lady Stoneheart, or as she's sometimes known "The Zombified Reanimated Corpse of Catelyn Stark Returned To Seek Vengeance Against Those Who Wronged Her."

The return of Catelyn Stark is HUGE. Beric Dondarrion gave up his life to bring Catelyn back, despite her being dead just a littttle too long. Also, it's the big twist for the third book, A Storm of Swords, that left people on the edge of their seats for years and years as George Richard Reed Martin worked on A Feast For Crows. Not including it would be like re-making Star Wars and not having Vader be Luke's dad.

Could They Be Introduced Later?

She's not coming back. Almost way too much time has passed for a good portion of the audience to even be affected by her return, the plots are seemingly moving along without her, and the actress has more or less stated that she won't be back. Plus, she's really rubbing it in by signing on to co-star in a show ABOUT PEOPLE BEING BROUGHT BACK FROM THE DEAD, WHERE SHE PLAYS THE DEAD MOTHER OF A MAIN CHARACTER.

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