Musician releases ‘Ebola in Town’, becomes # 1 hit song in Liberia

***Warning gruesome disease images beyond 25 second mark)***

As the death toll from Ebola rises ever higher and the incurable disease is found in an airline passenger, a dance tune called ‘Ebola in Town’ is supplying the soundtrack to the fast-spreading deadly new plague.

Created by an artist in Liberia called Shadow, Ebola in town has taken over the airwaves amid mounting panic at the seemingly unstoppable spread of Ebola.Against a frenetic back rhythm, the lyrics are basically a public health warning about not kissing a person who has Ebola and the perils of eating bush meat.

Experts reckon Ebola is transmitted to humans via the consumption of animals like monkeys and baboons in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia.

Shadow raps: “Don’t touch your friend! No kissing! No eating something. It’s dangerous!”
The lyrics advises: “If you like the monkey don’t eat the meat, If you like the baboon, I said don’t eat the meat, If you like the bat-o, don’t eat the meat.”
Talking about the success of his song, Shadow told Vice magazine: “This song is everywhere, in every town, every village, every county, every home. Radio is playing it, it’s in homes. Everything is taking it, so it’s like the biggest song in the country.’ -