Jeff Goldblum Re-Creates "Jurassic Park" Shot For The Coolest Wedding Photo Ever

Jeff Goldblum attended a wedding in Toronto with his fiancée, Emilie Livingston. So the wedding photographer, Adam Biesenthal, just had to take this Jurassic Park-inspired photo:

The couple were attending the wedding of Pamela and Jesse Sargent. Livingston is a friend of the bride.
Biesenthal told BuzzFeed: “It was the groom’s idea, he made the request after the ceremony and I simply set up the shot. We actually got this final image during the first take!”
There’s Goldblum, looking amazing in a grey suit.

The photo riffs off the classic run-away-from-a-dinosaur wedding chase photo, which became a meme.

We love you, Dr Ian Malcolm.

Coming for that Bill Murray crown I see. No, but really, Jeff Goldblum is awesome. Any of you ONTDers wanna disagree?