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Chris Pratt Party Post

Actor Chris Pratt stops by Bristol Farms in Los Angeles, California to stock up on groceries.


Chris Pratt is a happy man.

Not only is he super buff, which we can’t complain about, but his new movie Guardians of the Galaxy is doing phenomenal at the box office. The Parks and Recreation star transformed his bod for his lead role in the flick. If you’ve noticed (we sure have) he’s been looking all sorts of fine doing press for this thing.


"In London, during production, I had a hunch we were doing something special, but you don't know if you're deluding yourself by having those feelings. You have to lower your expectations so that you're not heartbroken if the movie comes out different. The truth is you just can't tell if it's going to be good.” He told the Huffington Post. “In the course of the filming, I was worried. I didn't know if it was going to be as good as it is. I was just so relieved when I saw it. I loved it. I could tell it was very, very special.”

A filthy, naughty little Chris Pratt, suckered into doing a behind-the-scenes for the Season Two Parks & Recreation DVDs, blows his own spot on being a psychic (or future) personage as he "jokes" about the fact that in 3.5 years he will be the star of the new Jurassic Park movie. A thing he could not have known would later be true! (Probably.) Is this a long con, a weird coincidence... Or is Chris Pratt capable of using more than the scientifically usual ten percent of his brain?

Could the mystery penetrate even deeper than that long-held scientific fact about brains? Longtime fans know that the WB show Everwood was based in part on a prophecy that Chris's character, Bright Abbott, was the endpoint of human evolution just based on how hot he looks. But did you know that on the fourth season of The OC his character Che/Chester convinced himself that he was in love with Seth Cohen, based on a vision quest in which he learned his spiritual mate was an otter in human form (which is what Adam Brody probably is)? I think we're onto something.


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