Chris Brown & Justin Bieber Diss Drake In Video

The Chris Brown and Drake feud isn’t over yet! In a new Instagram video Justin Bieber posted on August 2, Justin mocked the lyrics to Drake’s song ‘0-100 (Real Quick)’ AND tagged Chris!
The world finally believed Chris Brown, 25, and Drake, 27, had ended their long-standing feud for good at the ESPY Awards in July 2014. But according to the latest Instagram video by Justin Bieber, 20, this hip hop rivalry is anything but over.

Justin Bieber Posts Video Singing Drake Song & Tags Chris Brown: Is Feud Still On?
Justin is now getting involved in the infamous Chris and Drake feud! In a black-and-white video Justin posted on August 2, the Biebs sings the following lyrics in a goofy voice:

“I go to 0 to 100 real quick, real quick, real quick. Zero to 100 real quick, cause you know I’m on that real sh*t.” Those are lyrics from Drake’s hit song “0-100 (Real Quick).” Justin doesn’t sing or rap the lyrics in a normal voice during the video.

He seems goofy, like he’s mocking the words and the tone of the song.

Justin tagged the post with this caption: “@chrisbrownofficial we got the remix.” Was this a major diss to Drake? We thought these guys had all finally become friends!