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Chris-mas in August: Which Chris Is Hollywood's Hottest?

Okay, so the stars of Hollywood might not have as much power as Tolkein's One Ring, but you'd be forgiven for thinking that you can't launch a franchise these days without one Chris on your roster.

Friday's opening of Guardians of the Galaxy saw new addition Chris Pratt joining the ranks of Star Trek's Chris Pine and The Avengers' Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth in the Hunky Chris Club – now the only thing that's left to do is see these musclebound super Chrises duke it out in the battle for our hearts (and, uh, other parts).

Which Chris will reign supreme? We've asked four PEOPLE staffers to go to the mat for their favorite. Which one will you choose?

Chris Pratt: The Funny Chris

Sorry, Anna Faris, but I'm claiming Chris Pratt as my imaginary boyfriend. Who doesn't want a guy who's hilarious, sweet, and, now that he's sworn off his beloved burgers and beer for a while to give superheroics a whirl, as ripped as any genetically engineered Australian export? I also love that even though he swears he'll maintain his buffness this time around, he probably won't, because a little bit of flab makes him funnier and because he just likes food. This is also a 6'2" slab of evolved but rugged all-American dude who can hunt for his own dinner and French-braid hair, a proud dad who says his nearly 2-year-old son "restored his faith in God", a devoted husband who says his favorite look on his wife is barbecue sauce. What other Chris is this funny and hot?

– Samantha Miller

Chris Evans: The Sporty Chris

Dashing and daring, courageous and caring. No, I'm not talking Gummi Bears, it's those enviable qualities of none other than Chris Evans. I'll start off by pointing out he was the first superhero of the bunch. Not only did he play Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four franchise but he's none other than Captain America. He's a guy's guy who loves sports (soccer-tennis to be exact, look it up), a good chicken parmesan (Craig's in L.A. is his fave) and he's handy (not many guys can say they built their own front gate). Did I mention he's friends with Sandra Bullock? Well, Sandy's stamp approval alone is good enough for me!

– Jen Garcia, @JenGarciaAllen

Chris Hemsworth: The Dad Chris

There's nothing sexier than a dad with his tiny tot. Correction: there's nothing sexier than a dad with three tiny tots – two of which are twin boys. Since grabbing our attention as the strong, silent and very buff Thor, Chris Hemsworth has never shied away from gushing about his beautiful family, which includes his stunning wife Elsa Pataky. "He was almost crying," she told PEOPLE last year about Hemsworth hearing their daughter India say "papa" for the first time. "He was [screaming for joy]." Shedding tears over his little girl? Definitely a superhero in our eyes.

– Melody Chiu

Chris Pine: The Singing Chris

Chris Pine's hotness is literally out of this world. The actor brought intergalactic ladies' man Captain Kirk back to big screen in a way that left the whole universe swooning. Plus, Pine is equipped with a set of piercing baby blues that serve as the perfect seductive accessory to any outfit. If taking you to the stars wasn't enough, Pine is also a true Prince Charming. The smoking 33-year-old will play Cinderella's prince in the upcoming movie musical Into the Woods, which means the guy can sing too. Is there anything more attractive than a stunning, talented man who can also carry a tune too? I don't think so.

– Kelli Bender


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