It's a Britney Jean Spears - The Elusive Vegas Chanteuse Post


Britney hanging out with her resident gay bff, LA publicist Cade Hudson! They have been spotted together regularly since 2011, Brit even gave him a hot lapdance on her Femme Fatale Tour


Showing off that body and waiting for her ride

Screen Caps from the Intimate by Britney Spears behind the scenes video. Photoshop who?


Finally we might be getting new Britney music what about Til It's Gone tho sooner than we thought! According to the latest rumours, Brit is currently working on an EP!

There’s rumblings Britney Spears began recording new music for an upcoming EP, and while that EP is purely speculation, CAN confirm various producers and writers have been asked to submit music for the Queen.
An EP may be what the doctor ordered! Her last album, “Britney Jean,” sold alright… Britney traditionally doesn’t enjoy promoting her music. If she releases a five-song set with new, experimental music following the last half of Piece Of Me next year, she may have her cake and eat it, too.

Speaking of new music, two songs were recently registered on the SACEM music database called “I Wanna Know” and “Don’t Cry For Me.”