Selena Gomez Says the N Word in Newest Movie, Behaving Badly

Selena Gomez's on again and off again boyfriend, Justin Bieber, recently was the topic of a major scandal caused by videos of Bieber cracking racist jokes on camera when he was fifteen, using the n-word in the process. Gomez supposedly "felt sorry" for Justin during his scandal, but in her recent film Behaving Badly, Gomez herself also uses the n word...twice. During the course of the movie, Nina Pennington, played by Gomez, tells her love interest that, "I liked you. Despite the fact that you don't have your future planned out. Despite the fact that your socks never match. Despite the fact that your ringtone is n**** what, n**** who?" Although she is obviously reading from a script, was the use of the n word really necessary when any other song could've been used for this line?

What are your thoughts, ONTD?