Casey Wilson's Incredibly (Amazing) Candid Conversation About All Things Real Housewives

Casey Wilson knows a thing or two about The Real Housewives franchise. Well, more than a thing or two. She loves them. She loves them so much she's starring in a parody about the shows called Hotwives of Orlando, which premiere[d] on Hulu on July 15. In the Real Housewives spoof, Wilson plays Tawny, "the trophy wife," opposite several Housewives archetypes.

The former Happy Endings star is also returning to TV this fall on NBC with Marry Me and when she popped up at NBC's 2014 TCA Press Tour party, the topic of Housewives was broached. The results? They're everything.

The candid conversation touches on every series—Dina Manzo and her relationship with Caroline Manzo, Apollo Nida's sentencing, Real Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills casting rumors and—and more.

Dina is back, how do you feel? Can we discuss?
Of course...New Jersey's never been my favorite city, that said I'm excited for her return. My whole thing—and I do want to say this to Bravo in an open letter: Bring Dina and Caroline on together. This is bulls--t.

They won't talk about it.
I've seen the things they've shown on that show—They owe it to us to get them together. I don't know what it takes, I don't know what the price tag is, I don't know what the conversation is that needs to be had, but Bravo, they've done everything else.

Talk about ratings if they've done that.
Bring them together!

Get them to sit-down with Andy Cohen.
I know, let Andy mediate! I want to say, whatever your problem is, you know Andy can solve it. They need to go on Watch What Happens Live together and talk it out.

This season of OC, Heather's [Dubrow] been kind of a villain and Shannon's [Beador] been … interesting.
Shannon's been teaching me some life lessons. Some not to's, some not to's. I usually love Heather—and I still love her—but it's been a dicey season for her.

And the other new lady.
Oh, I don't even—I fast forward through her segments. (Oop, poor Lizzie)

There's a rumor Lisa Rinna will be joining Beverly Hills.
Lisa Rinna on Beverly Hills it's…so right. Right as rain.

There was also a rumor Suzanne Somers was going to join.
If these things happen, we're just going to start exploding into the atmosphere because then it's like who next? Who are we getting? I feel like Michelle Obama's going to roll onto the show.

She can revive Housewives of DC.
[Laughs.] Yes! Michelle's going to bring back DC. I mean, then I feel like the sky's the limit. Once we're getting our Lisas and our Suzannes, where do we go from there? Jane Fonda rolls up and it could get good. It could get good.

New York this season, I've loved. I don't know about you.

Aviva [Drescher] though…what's going on there?
You're not sick. And I did Watch What Happens Live with Ramona Singer this year and I strode in there prepared to be like, "Teach Ramona a thing or two." Meanwhile, I left being like, "I love her!" I don't know what happened, I was like sucked into the vortex. There's something about her. I looked into her eyes and I couldn't deny her. She was on her best behavior, we had a ball.

Did you have any Ramona Pinot?
Of course! I drank it the whole time, it was very good. She got into my soul. I really love Kristen [Taekman].

How do you feel about her relationship with Josh?
I like her so much, I feel so badly! And I've heard from a few friends that her husband is actually very nice.

I've heard that too.
And he's just not being portrayed well. To that I say, "Show me."

How do you feel about both Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore coming back?

I love both of them, I need both of them. Porsha is just so dim. Did you read about Phaedra's husband Apollo? Is that real. I love Phaedra [Parks]…Kenya Moore is everything to me. She's everything. In the Hotwives show we do, I try and channel Kenya. She's fabulous.

Marry Me airs Tuesdays starting October 14 at 9 p.m.
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