the dreamer v2.0 (calinewarkwc69) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
the dreamer v2.0

ONTD Original: ASTROLOGY POST! The "why did you write about this irrelevant has-been?" Edition!

For years now, we’ve wondered: Why does Lindsay keep getting chances? Why does she keep fucking them up? Where did all her potential go wrong? The conclusion seems to be that she is her own worst enemy, but somehow, she manages to bounce back in one way or another. We’ve discussed it from a societal point of view (“as long as we give her attention, she’ll keep selling”), a psychological point of view (“she clearly has mental issues and needs help”), we’ve tried the scapegoat point of view (“her parents are total train wrecks, no wonder she is so fucked up”), and even Oprah’s point of view (“time to cut the bullshit”)… but now, it’s time to talk about it from the astrological point of view.

Damn Africa, what happened?Collapse )

Sources & StuffCollapse )

Anyone else got retrograde planets they want to bitch about?
Tags: astrology, lindsay lohan

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