Becky G isn't your average teen. The 17-year-old estrella is blowin' up the radio with her catchy summer anthem, 'Shower', gearing up for a tour with fellow CoverGirl spokeswoman Katy Perry, and preparing for a performance at Thursday night's Premios Juventud.

We sat down to chat with Becky G about her (busy!) summer, her go-to beauty tips, and her new album. Plus, we got the scoop on her celebrity crush! Check it out:

So you're performing at the Premios Juventud tonight! Are you excited?

I am so excited! It's my second year -- this is like high school! It's my sophomore year; I'm not a freshman anymore. I'm not a newbie. And, I'm performing "Shower" in English and in Spanish, so it'll be something new!

Is there anyone you're excited to see perform?

I'm really excited to see Pit (Pitbull) perform. Austin Mahone, of course. And, I'm really excited to see Chiquis Rivera perform.

Can you give us a sneak peek about what you'll be wearing?

Well, last year, I had a lot of fun and wanted to do something different. I did something a lot more covered up, but still very youthful with the color and the pattern. It was like a two-piece suit type of thing.

This time around, I wnted to do something young and youthful. So, I'm going with a cute, really short dress. It's kind of more on the sexyish side, but still fun. My performance outfit is just super fun. My whole theme - the story in my head of my performance -- is basically bringing Santa Monica Pier to Miami, and having my dancers be with me and bringing the energy from the 'Shower' music video on stage.

Awesome! What about your makeup? Do you have any beauty tips for a glam night out?

Of definitely! Definitely I'm going to have my CoverGirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss, and I'm going to be touching up throughout the whole show and doing all of these interviews and everything. There's so many colors to choose from, so I'm going to be switching up the colors a lot.

I'm definitely going to be having fun tomorrow. My main focus when I do my makeup is my eyes -- I exectuate my eyes and they look bigger. More va va voom, I guess you can say.

Okay, so your in Miami and it's HOT! What are your beauty tips for keeping fresh during the summer?

The most important thing to me is having a good foundation that feels really light on my skin. That's why I love using CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation, because it's just so good and it matches really great. It has this finish that is not too shiny but not too matte. It's really perfect for summer, and it covers up. Being a teenager, it's so hard to find foundation that's good for your skin for everyday wear. That's a must for me.

'Shower' is definitely the song of the summer. What was your inspiration?

The idea didn't come to me when I was in the shower, but, at the time, there was someone making me feel very special. It's basically just about that feeling. That feeling of 'Wow! This is love. It feels really great, and I'm really happy.'

What are some of your favorite summer jams?

I mean, honestly, are we ever going to get over 'California Girls' by Katy Perry? I know it's old, but that song -- I love that song! That's definitely on my summer playlist. I mean, there's so many songs. 'Fancy' (by Iggy Azalea) is a good one too. I feel like 'Problem' (by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea) took it way further because of the feel of it

Do you have any exciting summer plans?

Lots of trips to Disneyland in between touring! I'm going to be traveling alot. I'm going to be gone away from home this summer, so I'm going to spend a lot of my family time at Disneyland.

I have an annual pass that I renew every year, and that's like my thing. When I get out of work early or if I have some time before I go into the studio, I go to Disneyland for a few hours with my siblings. We just have fun, go on all the rides together, and eat all of the good food.

Do you have a favorite ride?

Space Mountain!

Awesome! So, can we be expecting any new songs anytime soon?

Well, my album is actually coming out in October! I feel ready to put it out in the universe for my fans to listen to. I'm just so excited about it, because I've put my heart and soul into it. It's taken a lot of time, but now we know what the album is going to sound like, and when it's going to be out. I can't give any names yet of any of the other songs.

It's going to be a fun album! People are definitely going to hear a lot of my stories and stories of people in my life. You're gonna wanna dance. You're gonna wanna cry. You're gonna feel a lot of things. But it's definitely more on the fun side.

Amazing! So, we've got to ask: do you have a celebrity crush that's got you singin' in the shower?

Zac Efron! All the time.

I can say that's my style of guy. I like guys that are good looking, but not too into themselves. Well-groomed, but not too into themselves.

When you were our blogger, you said it was Niall Horan. Are you already over him?

I'm totally not over that! He's still very good looking. I've just moved on a little bit.

Any final words for Latina.com?

Stay tuned for everything that's coming up! The album! Me going on tour with Katy -- which is going to be awesome! Two Covergirls on one stage! Plus, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.