Shameless's Jeremy Allen White Plucked Out Emmy Rossum's Leg Hairs With Pliers


Emmy Rossum chats it up on the phone during some downtime on the set of Shameless on Wednesday afternoon (July 23) in Pasadena, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress shared a funny story on Twitter the day before about her TV siblings.

“As a real-life only child I am always happy to play with my on-screen brothers and sisters. #shameless,” she started out, adding, “I was wearing shorts in a scene on #Shameless yesterday and realized I missed a whole spot while shaving my legs. #oops.”

Emmy continued, “Jeremy Allen White plucked each hair out 1 by 1 w/ a pair of pliers that Fiona and Lip were using in the scene to do home repairs #shameless. That’s the kind of weird sibling bonding stuff that only happens on #shameless between takes. #season5 @SHO_Shameless.”