The Worst Movie Ripoffs Ever Made

Have you ever gone to get a movie from Redbox and read half the title, then pressed the button, only to realize you got the wrong movie? Well that’s basically the business model of Asylum Films.

The studio that brought us "Sharknado" splits time between ridiculous flying fish movies and the worst rip-offs you’ve ever seen.

If a blockbuster movie is announced, you can count on Asylum to make some lame imitation hoping your grandfather’s vision will be bad enough that he’ll mistake the case for a movie he’d actually pay to see. Here’s a look at some of their “finest” work to date.

Imagine "Transformers," but this time they run on 4 AAA batteries.

Battle of Los Angeles
It’s not like "Battle Los Angeles" was a huge hit, so slipping the word “of” in there isn’t exactly going to bring in the big bucks.

The Da Vinci Treasure
This looks like the robbers from "Home Alone" decided to steal the Mona Lisa. Also, does C. Thomas Howell star in all of these?!

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The description of the "Da Vinci" cover is 1000% accurate.