Moffat: The Fairytale is Over, Capaldi's Era Will Focus on "Consequences"


According to Latin Post, the central theme of the eighth season of "Doctor Who" will be on the dangers of traveling with the Time Lord. More will be discussed about the life of a time traveler, and that creator Steven Moffat promised the show will return to darker themes.

At the recent SFX, Moffat was quoted as saying that the "fairytale" era of the show is over. Season 8 will reportedly center on consequences, said Doctor Who TV. Aside from the return of darker themes, the site also said that alien race the Daleks and cyborg race the Cybermen will also be making a comeback.

Moffat has been generous in giving spoilers for the upcoming eighth season of "Doctor Who," which stars Capaldi starring as the Twelfth Doctor and Jenna Coleman as his companion. Citing a Mirror UK report, Christian Today said the first episode will be entitled "Deep Breath" and will be featuring a "terrifying monster". Episode 2, which is being written by Phil Ford, will center on Daleks being "nasty". Moffat's co-creator in the hit TV series "Sherlock", Mark Gatiss, is said to have penned the third episode about a meeting of the Doctor and Robin Hood. Moffat is also behind episode 4, of which he describes as a departure from his usual "Doctor Who" writing. In this episode, Christian Today quoted Moffat, who said that the Doctor will have a nervous breakdown. For episode 5, Steve Thomson's work is likened to a "heist movie" by, while episode 6, written by Gareth Thomas, is said to be a mix of comedy and seriousness.

Moffatt also said that Peter Harness, who wrote episode 7, will give the audience some drama. Episode 8 and 9, both penned by Jamie Mathieson, are described as both "glamorous" and "terrifying, and will feature Foxes singing.

Episode 10 is reported to be a different kind of fairytale from the creative treatment of Frank Cottrell Boyce. Moffat's writing will be concluding the season with the last two episodes, where he writes about Clara and the Doctor's interaction and how it "might not be healthy for everyone around them," continued Christian Today.

"Doctor Who" will be airing in BBC and BBC America on August 23. The first episode will be shown on the big screen in over 1,500 theaters worldwide.

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