Grimes performs "David" at Pitchfork 2014 + poses for picture on GOT Iron Throne at Comic-Con

Photos from her Pitchfork 2014 set and DJ set at Comic-Con San Diego:

Grimes has shared a picture of herself sitting on the Iron Throne as seen on Game Of Thrones.

The picture was taken at Comic-Con in San Diego, where Grimes performed a DJ set on aircraft carrier USS Midway as part of an event promoting new TV show The Last Ship. MGMT also played live at the same event.

Prior to her DJ set, however, Grimes was able to enjoy the convention and as well as posing for a picture on the Iron Throne also met Game Of Thrones author, George RR Martin. The Canadian artists posted a number of tweets about her meeting, describing it as the "zenith" of her life and stating that everything is "down hill from here" after meeting the writer.

lmao seriously tho that footwear was the first thing i noticed in her GOT iron throne photo. gorl

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