Vanessa Hudgens on Selena Gomez: "She's got such a great head on her shoulders."

Think what you want about Selena Gomez and her seemingly endless dramas you read about in the tabloids. Her pal Vanessa Hudgens thinks the celeb is one smart chick. During a “finish the sentence” interview with OK!, Vanessa Hudgens revealed what she really thinks about her fellow Spring Breakers costar, Selena Gomez. The first three adjectives out of Vanessa Hudgens’ mouth were all positives—”so smart, beautiful, talented, and amazing” to be exact.
“She’s got such a great head on her shoulders. I’m just there [as her friend] to hold her hand and have fun with her. I just adore her,” voiced Vanessa.
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Selena is #2 on the Billboard Social 50 chart

I just love their friendship! <3

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