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Gayle King and Kristin Chenoweth confess that neither has had an interracial sexual experience

Kristin Chenoweth and Gayle King both revealed they've never had interracial sexual relations on Thursday during an appearance Watch What Happens Live.
Talk show host Andy Cohen elicited the responses following a discussion about Kristin turning 46 on Thursday.
Gayle, 59, was complimented on her complexion by Andy and she tossed out the line, 'Once you try black, you'll never go back.'

'I'm going to have to try that out,' Kristin said.

A surprised Andy quickly followed up and asked her, 'You've never done the swirl?'
'I've never done the swirl,' the Wicked star replied and then started singing in a high-pitched voice.

'Help a girl out,' she sang.

'I've never done the swirl either,' confessed Oprah Winfrey's best friend Gayle. 'Not in the biblical sense.'
'Are you curious?' Andy asked Gayle, who also is a co-host of CBS This Morning.

'No,' she replied flatly.

'I wouldn't rule it out,' she added.
'If the perfect man came to you and happened to be white?' Kristin asked her.

'I wouldn't rule it out. I just never have,' Gayle responded.
'It is my preference, but I would never rule it out,' she added.
'I'm the same,' Kristin chimed in.

Andy told the ladies that he had definitely swirled.

Have you been in an interracial relationship? Which celeb would you have an interracial relationship with?
Tags: black celebrities, kristin chenoweth, late night talk show

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