One Direction's You & I Video Shoot Causes Tourism Boost For Clevedon Pier

One Direction filmed their You & I music video at Clevedon Pier in March, and their appearance has apparently led to a tourism boost for the pier located in Somerset. It seems that young fans turn up to the pier in hopes of retracing the steps that the guys of One Direction did for their music video.

Pier mistress Linda Strong spoke to the Bristol Post about the boost in tourism.

“The average age of our visitors must have dramatically dropped as hundreds and hundreds of youngsters visit wanting to be captured on film and fans have been retracing 1D's steps, shooting copycat videos,” she revealed. "Our most frequently asked questions are about 1D's visit.”

It’s not only One Direction fans that have now become interested in the pier. Apparently, the office has also received many more inquiries from production companies who’d like to film on the pier as well.

"Since the release of the video we've seen a marked increase in requests for filming, photography, fashion shoots and videos,” she said.

It was such an honor to have One Direction film their video there that a commemorative plaque has since been put on the pier by The English Council.

“One Direction filmed here for their video & new release ‘You & I’ 23rd March 2014,″ the brass plaque reads.

One Direction’s You & I video was their fourth and final single from their Midnight Memories album.