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Harry Lloyd talks 'Manhattan'

WGN America will debut its second original scripted series, "Manhattan," on July 27. In preparation for the 1940s period drama, which surrounds the scientists tasked with developing the atomic bomb in New Mexico -- and their in-the-dark families -- Zap2it caught up with the cast for a Q&A about their new show. Up next is Harry Lloyd, who plays British physicist Paul Crosley, a member of the team working to develop the atomic bomb.

Zap2it: Which is more challenging: '40s fashion or nuclear physics?
Lloyd: Both very simple for me -- I just have to wear them both and look like I own them.

What did you actually know about The Manhattan Project before you auditioned for the role?
Pretty much zero. Don't think I even knew the bomb was built here in the desert...

If you could hang out with a real Manhattan Project scientist, who would you pick?
Hmm... Oppenheimer for a martini, a hike with Feynman, some work with Ulam.

Marry/kiss/kick to the curb: Einstein, Oppenheimer, Fermi.
You have to marry Einstein. And I had a martini with Oppie, so kick him and kiss Enrico. He's Italian, after all.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about working on a period piece?
Favourite is the research -- you can build this world before you step into it. Least favourite -- sticky hair.

What's one thing about this time in history -- or The Manhattan Project, specifically -- that you didn't know before you started working on the show?
EVERYTHING! Most fascinating fact for me is that they discovered nuclear fission, and therefore the very real possibility of a bomb, in 1939, as war broke out across Europe

He's a ridiculous nerd but i'm so excited to see him back on tv for a few weeks. And the show looks good even without my stan glasses on

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