Lady Gaga hits a bum note in a flower thong and shell bra on stage - another ridiculous outfit

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Our jaws actually hit the floor when we saw Lady Gaga in this flowery thong and shiny shell bra on stage at a recent gig in Los Angeles.

It's just not a good look, that massive hair, those fishnet tights and teamed with a pair of ankle boots. It's just the worst possible stage outfit.

We LOVE it when Gaga dresses up it the most insane outfits, from meat dresses to Octopus costumes, but this just hit a bum note and it looked even worse from the back than it did from the front. It's a no from us.

The Applause singer was pictured wearing a HUGE curly blonde wig as she strummed on a blue guitar and showed off her extensive tattoo art. She looked pretty pleased with her choice of outfit, even if we disagree.
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The worst stage outfit ever?

We think she was going for sexy mermaid, judging by the hair and everything - but we don't think she managed to pull it off on this occasion.

The curvaceous singer was also seen in a number of other scantily clad outfits, including a PVC bra and knickers with a crazy green wig, her famous Octopus costume, and a white futuristic dress.

Gaga, 28, seemed pretty tired after her high-energy gigs during her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour and a selfie for her Little Monsters, in bed still wearing a full face of makeup.

She captioned the image: "Night monsters, Going to sleep on Venus. The Planet is quiet tonight, all the artRavers are sleeping.."

Hopefully, when she wakes up she'll have a rummage through her wardrobe and throw away this outfit - and those fish net tights.
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Adjusting the awful two-piece