We saw the ‘Mockingjay’ trailer: Here’s what you need to know [SPOILERS] + pics from SDCC

The first full-length trailer (lies) for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 premiered Friday morning at San Diego Comic-Con.

Media were invited to attend an advance viewing of the trailer at the Samsung Lounge’s “Capitol Gallery” where numerous Mockingjay-themed activities were set up for fans.

Hunger Games supporters could experience things like cupcakes from Peeta, elixirs from Haymitch, and a photo booth that lets you sit in President Snow’s chair (the same one used for filming those great teasers you’ve already seen).

The Mockingjay trailer was a minute long and was themed around Katniss versus the Capitol. It began with Plutarch, Coin, and Beetee meeting about Katniss. “No one can do this but her,” Plutarch tells his associates. There’s concern that the games destroyed Katniss. “She’s the face of the rebellion. They’ll follow her,” Coin says. In this moment we also see our first official look at Cressida played by Natalie Dormer. Gale also makes an appearance. Peeta is nowhere to be seen.

“Are you here to fight with us?” someone in one of the Districts asks Katniss while she’s on her tour. “I am. I will,” she tells them.

In another scene, President Snow bans citizens from having any association with the Mockingjay symbol.

While only a minute long, the sense of scale within the Mockingjay trailer is epic. There’s a feeling that doom is on the horizon. It falls nicely in line with the two recent teasers that have been released and we’re sure it’s going to over very well with fans.

The Capitol Gallery

Samsung and Lionsgate’s “Capitol Gallery” at Comic-Con was very impressive and a lot of fun. A photo booth lets you take photos in President Snow’s actual chair. Hologram Peeta and Johanna stand beside you and turn in a continuous loop:

There were lots of treats available for eating and drink as well, like Capitol Cronuts and drinks from Haymitch, as you enjoyed things like photo ops and beautiful posters:

this circus for O N E M I N U T E???? bye lionsgate