Let the Countdown to Benedict Cumberbatch Being Announced as Doctor Strange Begin...


I see your MTV video where Benedict Cumberbatch claims he won't be playing Doctor Strange because of "scheduling conflicts" and raise you this Comic-Con coverage from E! Online:

Here's What Benedict Cumberbatch Had to Say About the Rumor That He's Playing Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch is experiencing a lot of firsts: It's his first time visiting Comic-Con. It's his first time voicing an animated character in a children's movie. And it will (maybe...) be the first time that Marvel announces Benedict is joining their roster of superheroes.

We talked with Benedict on the DreamWorks Animation press line, and he told reporters that while he's "excited" to pop his Comic-Con cherry, he hasn't been able to fully experience it all just yet. But he plans to: He already bought a mask so he can walk around the convention floor unnoticed.
He wouldn't tell us what that mask is.

(So if you want to meet Benedict Cumberbatch at Comic-Con, just start unmasking every single person you see in costume on the convention floor. Eventually one of them has to be him.)


But the fanboys are far more curious about whether Benedict has a Comic-Con surprise up his sleeve: Rumor has it that, during their much, much, much anticipated Hall H panel on Saturday, Marvel will announce that Cumberbatch has been cast as sorcerer Doctor Strange.

"What rumors?" Benedict laughed when asked what he made of it all, though he did say that "anything could happen" and he's leaving San Diego today, but will be back at Comic-Con on Saturday.

"Doctor Who?" he continued coyly.

Ladies and gentlemen, we think this is (unofficially, but let's be real, kind of officially) your Doctor Strange. And if he's not, Marvel owes Benedict Cumberbatch a big thank-you for keeping the rumor mill spinning until they could announce the real Doctor.