The Naked Warwick Rowing Team Is Back!

The naked Warwick rowing team is back to fight homophobia with their stupid hot bodies!
Following their extremely successful 2014 calendar, the sizzlin' studs of the University of Warwick are stripping down yet again for their new crowdfunder campaign to raise money for Sport Allies, their charity initiative to challenge homophobia in and through sports.
In the hot pics the buff British stars pal around together in a grassy field with their sexy six-packs, bulging biceps, perfect pecs, rock-hard legs and firm bums on full display.

Warwick rower Laurence Hulse said of their charitable efforts, "We're basically a fundraising project—the money that comes in goes straight out again. We're not sitting on some vast pile of cash, so crowdfunding is an essential part of how we pay for production of the next year's calendars, films and everything else. Every summer we come up with great deals and unique offers that make it possible for us to cover our costs and get the best value from our suppliers, so that as much of our revenue as possible can go where its needed. It also means our supporters get a great deal!"