Miley Cyrus hires psychic to contact her dead dog, Floyd

The singer went into meltdown mode when her gorgeous pooch tragically died a few months ago, and it seems she still needs help.
Miley Cyrus has hired a dog psychic to help her get over the death of her pet Floyd in April.
Bangerz singer Miley has struggled to come to terms with her pooch's sudden death, posting near constant tributes to him and mournful messages.
Hollywood animal medium Melissa Bacelar says: “It was particularly hard as [Miley] wasn’t there when Floyd died, so there would have been a huge amount of guilt.
“I connect with the dog telepathically. Some will give me actual words but, most of the time, I will get images and feelings, which I then pass on to the owner.”
So, if you’re ever wondering what 21-year-old Miley is up to when she’s not on Instagram or twerking, she’s receiving telepathic images from her dead dog.

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have you ever hired a psychic, ONTD?
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