alice ayres (uknow_howido) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
alice ayres

happy birthday CLIVE OWEN! sexy pics + video

well, in honor of mister clive owen's 42nd birthday today, i thought i'd brighten your day with some candid photos and a video of our sexy british hunk of burning love.




arriving at and leaving the plaza athenee hotel in paris on sept. 30 and oct. 01 during the "children of mess" press tour:






shopping and walking around london on sept. 18, just being hella sexy:



posing with 'children of men' director alfonso cuarón at the san sebastian film festival in spain, sept 2006:




he has such a great sense of style. he always looks crisp and fresh. did i mention sexy?

and, for your viewing pleasure, i won't touch the effing floor [10 points for you if you get my joke], but i will post a video interview with clive about 'children of men.'

hello stranger

SOURCES: and murph's clive owen place
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