Giovani Dos Santos and Belinda Get Into Twitter Argument After She Criticizes Him

Giovani Dos Santos and Belinda may have agreed to just be friends in 2010, but the two are now at odds.
The whole thing started when someone posted a video of Dos Santos, where he appears to be intoxicated and sitting beside a woman. Belinda felt compelled to link to the video and criticize her ex-boyfriend.
In a now-deleted Tweet, she said, "I can't believe how people change. I don't even know him."
She added a broken heart and two shocked face emojis.

The soccer player didn't stay quiet on the subject, and he replied to her.
He said, "It's easy to make a mistake in life, but it's not fair to take advantage of an old video. I've always been a gentleman to you. God Bless you."

About an hour later, he said, "...I see that you still miss me..."

Belinda and Dos Santos first met in 2006 when she filmed Disney's "Cheetah Girls 2" in Barcelona, notes Quien. But they didn't start dating until 2008.

The singer and actress explained said to a reporter than when Dos Santos puts a fist to his forehead to celebrate a goal, he was dedicating it to her.

On July 2009, he arrived in Mexico to play soccer, and he was bombarded by questions about his relationship with Belinda. When asked if he loved they pop singer, he responded by saying, "Very much. Very much."

A month later, it was reported that Belinda was unfaithful to the soccer player. She denied it, but it seemed like the beginning of the end for the two.

In May 2010, Belinda released a statement on her Twitter account.
"Good morning!!! I just saw the magazine Caras! The photos are incredible, only I want to say that it was done a while ago and the content regarding my relationship with Giovani has now changed... Our relationship has ended... Work, distance...We are friends now. Thanks."


I see Beli is still desperate for attention after her album flopped. QDTB🙏