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Remember Adam Senn from 'The City?' He's Making Out With Dudes on VH1 Now

Adam Senn is a male model who was featured in the first season of MTV's "The Hills" spinoff, "The City." Senn was the roommate of "City" star Whitney Port's then-boyfriend, Jay Lyon. Since the show, he has transitioned into acting, scoring a series regular role in season 2 of the VH1 drama "Hit the Floor."

As Zero, one of the star players on the fictional Los Angeles Devils basketball team, Senn has been placed in some steamy situations, including a sex scene with dance team captain Jelena (Taylor Browning) in a church confessional. However, in last night's episode, he was featured in perhaps his steamiest scene yet--hooking up with his male agent Jude (Brent Antonello).

When details of a prostitution scandal emerge and threaten his clean-cut image, Zero finds himself comforted by Jude, who leans in for a kiss. Zero lets him down easy, but continues to tease his agent playfully as he continues to go to bat for his client (including fighting for him to be featured in a fictional version of ESPN's "Skin" issue). Later, Jude informs Zero of a potential date he might have, the hunky baller gives in to temptation and the two begin to rip off each other's clothes. Watch their scenes from last night's episode below (or just skip to 7:15 if you want to get to the good part).

Tags: reality show - mtv, television - vh1, the hills / laguna beach stars

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