Farrah Abraham: Teen Mom, Best Selling Author, Porn Star...Christian Actress?!


This former reality star is ready to try something new – acting. Farrah Abraham became well-known in the adult entertainment industry after releasing her own ‘sex tape,’ but that’s old news, and now she is ready for bigger and more religious roles in Hollywood. Yes, you read that correctly — religious.

Farrah Abraham, 23, is ditching her Backdoor Teen Mom stereotype and heading towards more “Christian” based roles in Hollywood films. This new development in the single mother’s career comes just weeks after her July 2014 release of her self-inspired erotic novel, Celebrity Sex Tape In The Making. Is she putting sex toys, erotic novels, and sex tapes behind her for good this time?

Well, this came out of left field.

As many of you know, Farrah is all-too-familiar with the adult entertainment industry. Now, the former Teen Mom star and mother of Sophia, 5, is hoping to expand her arsenal and take on as many projects as her career will allow — especially in the religious genre.

“I will be acting in two movies, and I’m kind of staying closer to roles that are Christian-based,” she revealed in a recent interview with
Us Weekly.

As for taking her novels to the big screen, she said, “I would never be in a video or a movie of my book because that would be crazy.”

But, the star does want to see her books come to life and she wants some big name A-listers involved! “I want to have like other awesome actresses and actors,” she continued to say. “Jessica Alba…Or like, who knows? Sandra Bullock is like really good, too. When you’re an actress you can play any age.”

Hey, go big or go home – right, Farrah?

Farrah Is Open To The Idea Of Another Sex Tape

Although Farrah claims she is trying to take on more classier and conservative roles in Hollywood, she may not stay on that path for long. So, don’t worry – if you are a fan of her prized sex tape and erotic novels, she is not shutting the door on them just yet! “I think the healthiest way for me to continue being Farrah and who I am is to continue writing erotic novels,” she admitted in the same interview.

“Being so sexy, I think that’s for when I get married. And if I ever do another sex tape, I’m probably going to do it with my husband, and you can just celebrate marriage with me.”

We would prefer a wedding invite to help you celebrate, but hey! Whatever you say, Farrah!