Showtime would make a 'Queer As Folk' movie if there's 'a compelling reason'

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There has been a push to make a movie version of Showtime's "Queer As Folk," and Showtime president David Nevins tells reporters at the 2014 TV summer press tour that he could be interested in "if it's a great idea."

"No one's ever pitched it to me, but if it's a great idea, a compelling reason to do it, it's always possible," he says during a group interview.

Nevins also is still interested in Russell T. Davis' "Cucumber," which Showtime was initially attached to in 2011. The show is currently being filmed for Channel 4 in the UK with a planned 2015 premiere date.

"He is doing a show right now which sounds really interesting to me, which has been advertised," Nevins says. "It's in the BBC as 'Queer As Folk' 20 years later."

FYI the whole original cast (yes, including Gale/Randy) are interested in making a film or reunion show. There's a petition going around that they've all tweeted about. SIGN IT! We need a better ending for Brian/Justin.