What are you doing Kathryn: July Edition

Perhaps the green hair dye is rubbing off on her a little too much.

For Katy Perry was spotted wearing a bizarre full length see-through green body stocking as she explored an historic Canadian pioneer village on Sunday.

The 29-year-old Teenage Dream singer was living a fashion nightmare with the distinctly punk ensemble as she strode through the tourist spot on a break from her Prismatic World Tour.

She was seen cruising around the property at the 19th Century Canadian village, exploring all it had to offer and even snacking on stick-shaped candy available at the tourist store.

Clearly having had a wonderful day catching up on history, Katy shared an Instagram snap later which showed her sitting in a historic classroom wearing a dunces hat.


What in NastyGal hell.  She and Avril should have 90's fashion playdates.