Demi Lovato V. Miley Cyrus: Which Babe Wins This Bikini Battle?

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Miley and Demi have a lot in common. They both had their break out roles on Disney Channel, they both have successful music careers, and they clearly share the same taste in swimwear! Who do YOU think looked better in the suit? VOTE and let us know!

It’s the battle of the bikini babes with Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Both of the 21-year-old stars looked fierce and fit in the exact same bathing suit! While Miley donned the suit in an Instagram post on June 14 in Barcelona, Demi rocked it on the cover art for “Really Don’t Care.” Both singers looked fabulous, and we can’t decide which look we love more! Can you?

Demi Lovato & Miley Cyrus — Same Bikini:

Demi and Miley are up against each other again, but this time it’s not for the top of music charts! Both were spotted in the same sexy bikini, but their looks couldn’t be more different!

Miley wore the bathing suit top with solid black bottoms and…that’s it! This is probably the most wearable look as most of our poolside get-us don’t require much styling. She flashed her toned abs and a pink lip in her closeup.

Demi, on the other hand, wore her bikini top in a less conventional way. She rocked it with a sheer bomber jacket and a pair of skintight leggings. Her hair was pulled back and she wore a ruby red lip and a smokey eye for a very edgy look — in this instance the top wasn’t meant for simply swimming!

The bathing suit top is a piece from TRIANGL. This shockingly affordable swimwear line that has been seen on stars like Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens, so it was no surprise to see Miley and Demi both sporting the brand!

Both of the looks were gorgeous! Miley looked so carefree and natural in her Instagram photo while Demi looked much more smoldering and serious on her cover art. We love that both girls had the confidence to rock the bikini top regardless of how they wore it, but tell us which look you like better!