Brody Jenner Gets "Half Chub" After Seeing Stepsister Kim Kardashian's Naked Body

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In a conjoined family of over ten people, there's bound to be some awkward moments between step-siblings... But some things should just never happen.

During a family trip to Thailand, Kim Kardashian was putting together a sexy photo shoot for Kanye West (who couldn't join in on the trip due to prior obligations), wearing a wet, see-through white gown that showed all her goodies... But she gets interrupted when stepbrother Brody Jenner accidentally walks in on her--And yes, catches a glimpse of what only Kanye should have seen.

What's worse? Brody admits he got a little turned on by the whole thing. (Insert vomit here).

After running off to his brother Brandon Jenner to explain what happened, his sister-in-law Leah Jenner can't help but notice he looks a bit flushed and seems a little too worked up.
"You just saw Kim naked?" Leah asks. "Brody, did you get turned on by Kim?"

His response: "Maybe just a half-chub."

EWWW!! But we're sure he's only kidding... Right?

Watch the full awkward moment in the video and decide for yourself!

Video here (won't embed)