rusty shackleford (numara) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
rusty shackleford

jeremih and shlohmo release collaborative ep, 'no more'

Although plenty of people still know him mostly as the "Birthday Sex" guy (which is fine; birthday sex is chill, and that song rules even if you have to deal with your friends singing it to you on every birthday now), Jeremih has spent the last couple years escaping radio playlist expectations and putting out some of the most exciting, inventive R&B of anyone working. His 2012 mixtape Late Nights with Jeremih is one of the hands-down classics of contemporary R&B, and his work with LA producer Shlomo has already yielded memorable jams like "Bo Peep" and "No More."

Now the duo's long-promised EP, No More, is here, featuring those two songs, an extended cut of Late Nights standout "Fuck You All the Time," and three new ones, including a song with Jeremih's Chicago peer in leftfield pop stardom, Chance the Rapper. It's also Jeremih's birthday (op: it was his birthday yesterday), which is the ostensible reason for releasing it now (you can probably guess what else is on his agenda). Put some new sheets on your bed, assemble a fancy fruit platter or whatever comparable luxury makes you feel special, and download it right the fuck now right the fuck here. Holy shit, this is so good.


me rn, bopping and refusing to let shlohemih be slept on like this
Tags: black celebrities, music / musician (r&b and soul), new music post
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