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Did Screech release his own sex tape

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Dustin Diamond, the beleagured Screech of “Saved by the Bell,” got an hilarious endorsement deal for a web hosting company right before the news of his sex tape broke. Given that his picture appears next to the tagline “Our nerds do it best all night long,” it would seem like the web hosting company, Globat, is in on the joke.

Globat denies knowing that Diamond’s nasty amateur porn video would come out right after it hired him as a spokesperson, but a source tells TMZ that Diamond’s manager told them something “huge” was about to happen:

"According to a source at, the Web hosting company that recently hired him to be its spokesman, Screech’s management told them that something “huge” was going to happen next week and that they were “lucky to have him.”
The company says they are seriously concerned over the recent headlines and is contemplating its next steps. In a statement released to TMZ, Globat says: “We signed Dustin Diamond based on his persona as the recognizable lovable nerd. Through talks with his management, we knew they had something big planned — but never expected this! We have not seen or received confirmation from Diamond’s management of the alleged tape. We are reserving any judgment until further information is available.”

Globat should just accept the publicity as they’re sure to get a lot more notice now, and they can keep claiming to have no idea that Diamond was such a nasty little man.

This latest news confirms the suspicion that Diamond released the sex tape to get much-needed publicity and cash. His manager said that it would only help him get more bookings for Diamond’s comedy act. As Agent Bedhead commented on our original post about this:

It's pretty likely that he made this sex tape on purpose and made it as raunchy as possible. He needs the money apparently, and what better way to kick start his career again just like Paris Hilton did?
Despite everything I said about never wanting to watch “Saved by the Smell,” I of course tried to view it several times through TMZ’s website. The no doubt cring-inducing preview would not play for me, though, and I did a bunch of YouTube searches to no avail. Let’s hope that’s my last brush with this video.


Is it me, or does he look like Justin Timberfag?
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