'Avengers: Age of Ultron': Who is Marvel's angry, metal madman -- and why does he HATE you?

Who’s Ultron?” This was what Captain America himself, Chris Evans, said at Comic-Con last year after finishing his Hall H Winter Soldier presentation and heading backstage to do some press.

He had missed the finale of the Marvel Studios showcase, which revealed the Avengers sequel would be subtitled Age of Ultron, with a plot centered on that fearsome artificial-intelligence whose robotic face looks like a grinning metallic vampire skull.

Given the studio’s intense devotion to secrecy, both he and Scarlett Johansson had no idea who they’d be battling the next time the Avengers reunited.

It’s okay to forgive them a moment of uncertainty. There are plenty of fans out there who have come to this fantasy universe through the movies, and not the comic books.

So here, finally, is the movie’s answer to that question: Who IS Ultron?

Contains minor spoilers about some scenes and the stills that was postedCollapse )

with this article I think all of EW's Avengers story is posted unless they are hiding something important for the magazine. In case you missed COVER PIC and STILLS

Source: Entertainment Weekly