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Laurence Fishburne Confirms He Will Be Back For 'Hannibal' Season 3

It hasn't been a ratings blockbuster by any means, but NBC’s grisly and gory suspense/horror series "Hannibal," one of the best shows currently on television, has, over the past 2 seasons, developed a loyal and devoted following. And since it’s mainly financed with foreign production money, it doesn’t cost NBC anything to make it, so it’s no wonder that the show has been renewed for a third season, stating sometime in 2015.

The big surprise, however, is that Laurence Fishburne has announced that he will be coming back to the show.

Any regular watchers of the series know that last season left a few characters and their fates hanging in the balance, including Fishburne, who plays FBI agent Jack Crawford, and who, as you can see above, got involved in an epic and very bloody fight with Hannibal Lecter, played by Mads Mikkelsen, in the series finale (which also opened season 2).

However, when Fishburne signed on for the ABC sitcom "Black-ish," premiering this fall, it was assumed that Crawford didn’t make it after all.

Au contraire...

Today, at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Fishburne revealed that he would indeed be returning to Hannibal next season, and will be splitting his time between that show and "Black-ish."

Of course he refused to go into details but did say that he would be "a recurring presence on both Hannibal and Black-ish in an arrangement he made to continue his involvement with both series."

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