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A man broke into the Kennedy Compound looking for JFK and Katy Perry

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James Lacroix was arrested at the Kennedy Compound July 15. (Photo courtesy: Hyannisnews.com)

HYANNIS PORT (CBS) — A man allegedly claiming he was looking for Katy Perry and President John F. Kennedy was arrested at the Kennedy compound Tuesday night.

Barnstable Police were called to the home in Hyannis Port once owned by the late president around 9:30 p.m. after getting a call from Ted Kennedy, Jr. in Connecticut.

He told officers he called the house to check on his teenage son who was staying there, but a man answered the phone and identified himself as James Lacroix.

Kennedy asked the officers go to the home for a well being check on his son.

When police arrived, they found a black Corvette parked outside and Lacroix inside, wearing a Captain America T-shirt, sitting on a couch reading a book.

Investigators say he calmly told them he was looking for Perry and JFK.

Neighbors told police Lacroix arrived at the home around 6:30 p.m., so he had been there for about three hours.  Investigators said he got in through an unlocked door.

Ted Kennedy III was alone in the home at the time.  He was not hurt.

“Earlier in the evening, when the teen first got home, the intruder was already there. They had a conversation. The teen thought it was a family friend,” Barnstable Police Chief Paul McDonald told reporters Wednesday.

“This is the Kennedy family, so they’re used to having a lot of visitors, a lot of friends down there. He thought, perhaps, it was an associate of his father or other family member.”

Lacroix, 53, of Mashpee, was arrested and charged with breaking and entering.

He was held overnight by police and was due to be arraigned Wednesday in Barnstable District Court.

Lacroix was ordered to undergo a 30-day psychiatric evaluation. The arraignment was postponed until August 13.

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When the police arrived, they said, they found Lacroix sitting on a couch reading a book. “Mr. Lacroix did not to make any threats or appear dangerous at all,” said Riley, who was not one of the officers called to the scene.

Police said Lacroix told them that he was there to see pop star Katy Perry. He even had a gift for her. He also wanted to speak with John F. Kennedy.

“”He began to ramble on about his political views and his love for Katy Perry and it became clear that Mr. Lacroix was detached from reality,” said Riley. He added that this wasn’t an isolated incident and that Lacroix has “a little bit of history of delusional behavior” with the Massachusetts police.

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