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Britney Spears calls listening to advice her “biggest mistake”

Britney Spears appears in a new interview and photoshoot in “Q” Magazine, which will feature 20 covers with different celebrities and accompanying stories as part of their 20th anniversary issue.

Contrary to current reports, Britney has not dropped her long-term publicist, hard-working Leslie Sloane Zelnick. Zelnick, who keeps busy explaining Lindsay Lohan’s antics, denied that Britney gave her the boot - I think. BreatheHeavy has this story with the source listed as EOnline, but I could not find the original article. It seems typical of a fake story to have a denial that’s really hard to dig up:

"Britney Spears’ longtime publicist Leslie Sloan Zelnick denying Radar Online’s report that the pop star pulled a Jessica (or Joe) Simpson and gave her the boot, saying the duo have not parted ways."

Britney’s heavily airbrushed Q spread and interview are accessible from the thumbnails below. She comes off as pretty dumb in the first part of the phone interview, using incorrect grammar and rambling. She said that “Nothing Compares 2U” is one of her favorite songs, and was genuinely suprised when told that it was originally recorded by Prince. As a pop star, she should know that.

I half felt sorry for her in the last part of the interview when she discussed her problems with the media. She said that she learned from her mistakes and wouldn’t do anything differently, but when asked about her “biggest mistake” was, she claimed it was “listening to other people!”

Q - And the low point of your career? What’s been the hardest part to get through, the bit you wish never happened?
Britney - No, I know this sounds cheesy, but everything that has happened, I’ve learned from it and it’s made me a lot stronger. It happened for a reason basically. For me to do something differently. So I don’t regret anything. You have to make mistakes sometimes to learn some stuff.
Q - What were the mistakes you’re talking about?
Britney - The biggest mistake I’ve made in my life is probably listening to other people. Because as a child you don’t really listen to other people - you listen to yourself, right, all the time. That inner voice, you know… And I think there’s been times when I’ve been manipulated, but you just have to learn from that abd be strong and not let people take advantage of you.

Now that makes sense if Britney was being led around against her will when her career was hot, but it sounds quite arrogant coming from her now. She smacked gum loudly on The Teen Choice Awards, her Nightline Interview, and while announcing her pregnancy on David Letterman. Her fashion and parenting choices have left much to be desired. Let’s not even get into her choice of husband.

A handler could have told her “Britney, spit out your gum before going on national television,” but she decided to listen to her inner child and keep chewing. Her bodyguard could have said, “I think you should put the baby in his childseat before driving in LA,” but she reverted back to her lost childhood riding on her daddy’s lap on a deserted country road and let nostalgia make the decision. She wants to learn by trial and repeated error.

Something obviously turned Britney off from accepting advice, and she’s gone way too far in the other direction. With two babies to care for, let’s hope she’s not as stubborn about accepting parenting advice as she is about her career.

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