Kate Upton and boyfriend Justin Verlander spend All-Star Break in Mexico


Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, who had an inconsistent first half of the season, said on Sunday that he planned to “decompress and re-focus” during the All-Star break.

He did not indicate where he would be during the break or what he would be doing, except to say, “It’s going to be neither of those” -- meaning fishing or playing golf.

It seems the mystery has been solved. A series of photos posted online shows Verlander lounging on a beach with noted bikini model and girlfriend Kate Upton.

Don’t expect to see any reports from Verlander about his excursion in the next couple days. Before he left, he said, “I’m going to relax somewhere pretty private -- and won’t be tweeting.”


A lot of boobs and bad tan lines behind the cutCollapse )

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