Hey y'all, last night I had the chance to meet two of my favs! guess who!



Last night the Apple Store in SoHo NYC had a very intimate event with Both Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer who came out to chat about the final season of TrueBlood. I didn't get a pic with Stephen since I had previously met him but he was there too.


They were both really charming and hilarious together and mentioned how in disbelief they were that the show had come to an end. They had three of their kids with them and looked amazing. After their talk they took questions from the Audience which were pretty awkward. One guy said to Anna "You're probably the only person I've seen naked more than myself. Have you gotten more comfortable being naked on camera since starting TrueBlood? You do a better job than they do on Game of Thrones." To which both Anna and Stephen laughed and then she admitted "I've never even seen Game of Thrones but we did it first!"