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Big Hero 6 Is 1st Disney Film to Be Previewed With Manga Series + Japanese Trailer

Artist Haruki Ueno (Phi-Brain: Saigo no Puzzle, EXILE Monogatari) is launching a manga adaptation of Disney's animated movie Big Hero 6 in the September issue of Kodansha's Magazine Special on August 20. According to Disney, this is the first manga series that previews a Disney movie's story before it opens.

The adventure story revolves around Hiro, a boy who lost his dear brother Tadashi in a mysterious accident, and Baymax, a robot developed by Tadashi. The story is set in San Fransokyo, a fictional city that combines the images of San Francisco and Tokyo.

Before the main manga series begins, the combined 36th/37th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine will run a "Episode 0" prologue on August 6.

While Disney movies such as Tangled, Wall-E, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest have received one-shot manga adaptations, the new manga will be the first full-fledged series that previews the actual story from a Disney movie before it opens worldwide.

Big Hero 6 will open in North America on November 7, and then it will open in Japan on December 19. (The movie is titled Baymax in Japan.) In the Japanese poster above, Baymax's tagline reads, "How do you do? I'm Baymax. I will protect your heart and body.")

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