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Leah Remini talks JLO and "horrendous" DWTS experience!!!!!

Leah Remini dished on everything from JLO to her “Dancing With The Stars” experience in a new interview with me, Jenny Hutt on my SiriusXM show “Just Jenny” airing Thursday, July 17. Remini, who stars in the new TLC show, “It’s All Relative” revealed lots of juicy tidbits in our revealing chat! Here’s a sneak peek of the exclusive interview! What’s a typical night out forLeah and best friend, Jennifer Lopez?”A typical night is usually uhhhhh Food….. Eating off eachothers plates, umm it depends like what we’re doing if it’s something like AMA’s its usually an after party and then it turns us into being in our sweatpants which is some kinda… Yeah, that’s my kinda night by the way. I like a couch and sweatpants. I like my soul cycle sweatpants that I sleep In every night!” When asked what the best gift that JLO ever gave her, Remini said, “She’s a great gift giver!She gave me a ring as she did all the women in her life, her mom , her sisters- a ring that says “ I love me. “ She gave us all those rings and it’s funny because were all together and we all look down and see the ring you know its like a beautiful message that your friend gave you to remind you that you love yourself”
Leah also discussed her VERY difficult training for “Dancing With The Stars”. Remini says it was, “Horrible, Horrendous but I loved it I mean I loved it but It was the only time I ever got sympathy from my family and I mean it was just such a nice experience it was something I was very scared to do Ive turned on the show a few times and I just decided you know what this is a time to just a time of change for me and a time of change for my family and I wanna start doing things that scare me a little that are a little bit out of my comfort zone. Ive never danced before!” As for the scariest part of doing “Dancing”, she says “I just felt like do people do this show to have a comeback and that was my view of the show, people doing it for a comeback and I didn’t want people to think I was doing the show for a comeback and I was like you know what let all of that go and it doesn’t matter why youre doing the show or if you are doing it for a comeback whoooo cares like let people do what they gotta do like great and I was like I didn’t know why I had this negative thinking like why would you judge somebody who needed a comeback!” Tune into Leah’s “It’s All Relative” Thursday’s on TLC ………………
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