Video Game Post 2014.11

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1. More Last of Us DLC Coming

At least one new multiplayer map pack is being worked on, though this in turn could lead to more down the line. Both the single-player Left Behind and the recent multiplayer expansion Grounded were expected to be the last in their respective categories, though it seems this isn't the case. Sadly, the developer confirmed it isn't currently working on new single-player DLC.


2. Valiant Hearts Review

In its best moments, Valiant Hearts is basically a playable history lesson. Its personal, heartbreaking fiction is bolstered by bits and pieces of real-life history that resonate with unexpected intensity. Valiant Hearts strikes a difficult balance in depicting the horrors of war and the hope that peeks through its cracks, but it does so with grace.

8 out of 10


3. Wolf Among Us Episode 5 Review

By the end of the episode, I truly hoped that Telltale was able to continue with The Wolf Among Us, and that's not a sentiment I'm sure I would have been on board with mid-way through the series. This is one of those rarest of entities: A game that doesn't immediately reveal its true nature, instead having the courage to let it slowly unfurl over the course of nine months. Even now that I think I've seen all The Wolf Among Us is capable of, I'm sincerely hopeful that Telltale gets a chance to defy that expectation.

8 out of 10


4. Lionel Messi to be on Cover of FIFA 2015

Lionel Messi is the global cover star for EA Sports' FIFA 15, marking the third consecutive year the Argentine has graced the front of a soccer video game, and the seventh overall.

Messi, awarded the World Cup 2014 Golden Ball as the tournament's best player despite Argentina losing in the final on Sunday, appeared on the cover of FIFA 13 and FIFA 14. (He also appeared on the cover of 2012's FIFA Street). He was the cover star for Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer for three editions, 2009 to 2011.


5. EA Ending Support of Sims 2

Electronic Arts will no longer support The Sims 2 with new content updates, the company confirmed in a FAQ on its official website.

As a result, owners of the digital version of the game will be upgraded to an Ultimate Collection edition for free. The company will still continue to provide technical support for The Sims sequel, it clarified.


6. Max Payne Retrospective Part 1

7. HVGN: Tetris and Dr. Mario

8. FF7 Mega Review Part 1

9. Terrible Creepypasta

10. The Long Dark is a Gorgeous Survival Game

What is it about the survival genre that inspires such grim scenery? You've got DayZ with its zombies and decaying cities, The Forest with its mysterious caves full of dead bodies and cannibals, and Rust with its ramshackle player homes and gun-wielding bandits. These are games where the world around you is often just as dire as the task of staying alive.

The Long Dark is not one of those games. Developed by Canadian startup Hinterland, a team comprised of veterans from studios such as Relic, Ubisoft, and Volition, The Long Dark drops players into a gorgeous and highly stylized vision of the northern wilderness. Its striking art design blends a clean, minimalist look with vivid colors and exaggerated angles to create a setting that feels like a piece of hand-sketched concept art sprung to life. The Long Dark is, in a word, beautiful.


11. Rainbow Road Drink Recipe

4 oz. Orange juice
½ oz. Gin
⅓ oz. Grenadine
⅓ oz. Rum
3 oz. Vodka
2 splashes Blue Curacao

Directions: Mix orange juice and gin together and pour them into the glass. Then, stir the rum and grenadine together and pour it slowly down the side of the glass - it should settle at the bottom, turning the bottom red and the area immediately above it orange. Mix the vodka and blue Curacao together and then layer it on top of the orange juice. The top should remain blue, but some should settle down to create a green layer. Like Super Mario Kart's toughest course, this drink may be difficult to finish.