Kreayshawn Got Catfished By A Fake Diplo

Last night, Kreayshawn announced that she got catfished by a fake Diplo. She took to her depressingly under-furnished office decorated with Dragon Ball Z and Bakugan posters to record a vlog about her experience:

The backstory: Life goes on for Kreayshawn after the flop of her album and gives birth to her son Dominic. She starts living that straight mommy life, giving up lean, and staying in at night. A few nights ago, she goes back into an old GMail account and starts reliving the wild times. Oh look, there's Diplo's dick pic that he sent. She decides she'll hit him up on Twitter DM to remind him of his sexual transgression as a playful goof:

About an hour later she tweets:

Diplo informs Kreayshawn that his dick pic would have a visible tattoo (probably something really cool like a knife or a treble clef). Turns out that the Diplo that she had a meaningful email correspondence was a complete fake.

The impostor started to contact her after her fan videos were chosen to be hosted on the website of Diplo's record label, Mad Decent. Being recognized by the website was already a self-esteem boost for young Kreay, but the personal emails from the accomplished producer were instrumental in her pursuing her dreams. While the fake Diplo would problematically request a "personal sex tape" that she would deny, he would also give her compliments and words of encouragement that she cites as "inspiring her whole career... like, kinda."

Kreay in 2011, telling the real Diplo that she misses his email correspondence to which he does not reply.

Before going to Diplo's shows, she would email the fake Diplo and he expertly diverted any confusion with the brilliant line "don't be surprised if I act brand new because I'm going to be there with my girlfriend." Looking back, Kreay takes it all in stride and seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about it. Although there is a dark moment at the end of the confessional vlog where she begins to ruminate on who the troll might be. "Honestly, I think it was a crazy ex-boyfriend because..." she looks to her laptop screen, breaking eye contact with the camera lens and nervously fixes her bangs. She's deep in thought of the worst in a previous relationship and continues despondently, "What kind of girl... doesn't have one of those?"


Ever been or have Catfished someone, ONTD?