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BBUK Armageddon Week Day 1: Who Got Evicted? Who Went In?




Zoe Burkett


Age: 29
From: Durham
Description: Bubbly Musical Theatre Star
Fact #1: Er, the big one - Zoe was on Pop Idol's first series and came fourth (behind Will, Gareth and Darius, obviously - she described herself as the "little podgy kid from Pop Idol with the dreadlocks"). She's kept performing ever since and was recently in the West End musical Thriller: Live.
Fact #2: Zoe already has a Big Brother connection - she dated BB6 winner Anthony Hutton for six years (she claims her type is tanned skin, dark hair and tattoos).
Fact #3: Zoe, who says she struggles to get on with "beige people", describes herself as a "gay man trapped inside a woman's body".
Fact #4: Zoe also describes herself variously as "a real life walking Pocahontas", the British version of Beyoncé and the "worst snorer in the world".
Fact #5: Zoe doesn't think she can win because she's coming in to the show half way through: "People have made relationships and the public probably already have their favourites."

Biannca Lake


Age: 31
From: Essex
Description: Stripper
Fact #1: Biannca's idol is Katie Price - she would like Pricey to play her in a movie of her life and says she "started off as a pair of boobs, and now look at her". (Incidentally, Biannca's party trick is "always getting my tits out").
Fact #2: Biannca previously appeared on This Morning after she admitted in a documentary that she had slept with over 200 men.
Fact #3: Biannca currently works at a strip club in Marbella - but her most unusual job was being a promo girl dressed as a Ribena carton.
Fact #4: Biannca says the worst thing she has ever done was getting revenge on a boyfriend who cheated on her - she scratched up his car, cut holes out of his jeans, and set his dog loose. (Oh, but she's looking for love in the house.)
Fact #5: Biannca's been keeping up on Big Brother this series and likes Mark and "really hot" Winston - but thinks Helen behaves like a bitch.

Pavandeep Paul


Age: 22
From: Essex
Description: Property Manager
Fact #1: Pavandeep wants to teach the world about Sikhism and show them that Sikhs are "liberal, loving people who know how to have fun" - because of his religion, he has always worn a turban. But he has modern beliefs and has vowed not to have an arranged marriage.
Fact #2: Pavandeep has just split up from his ex - because they were more friends than girlfriend and boyfriend - but asked for "hot girls" to be put in the house ("You can't w**k over a personality").
Fact #3: Pavandeep, who also goes by Pav, works with his dad and his uncle in the family business - but wants a "fit secretary who doesn't mind a quickie in the photocopy room". He also lives with his family.
Fact #4: Pavandeep thinks he's going to get on well with Mark and says he is a prankster who likes causing mischief.
Fact #5: Pavandeep is 100% sure that he's going to win Big Brother because he's genuine.

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