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Selena Gomez Deposed in Justin Bieber Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES — Singer-actress Selena Gomez was secretly deposed in a lawsuit involving her sometime BF Justin Bieber‘s alleged attack on a photographer in Los Angeles — and Gossip Extra has the exclusive details.

In an unusual arrangement, the lawyers for both the paparazzo and the 21-year-old singer of Come & Get it agreed to keep the deposition quiet and signed a confidentiality agreement.

But a source knowledgeable about the deposition at a lawyer’s office in the Los Angeles area tells me photographer Jose Duran‘s legal team grilled Gomez for nearly two hours — but came away with little new information.

“In a nutshell, she doesn’t know much and didn’t see much about the incident,” the source said. “It wasn’t like Justin Bieber’s deposition back in Miami. Selena’s a professional, and she couldn’t be rattled.”

Bieber did not sit in on the testimony but one of his lawyers did.

Gomez was doing the right thing in May 2012 when, while on a date with Bieber, she got out of her car and tried to calm Biebs down as he went after Duran. In time, Duran sued Bieber because he was allegedly punched and kicked and threw against a parked car.

Gomez will also be deposed in Bieber’s lawsuit in Miami. Bieber is named as defendant in an alleged attack on a photographer outside The Hit Factory recording studio on Miami’s North Side.

Mark DiCowden, Miami Beach shutterbug Jeffery Binion‘s lawyer, has been negotiating with Gomez’ attorneys for a similar deposition here but has vowed to keep it in the public realm. DiCowden wants to establish evidence of a pattern of violent behavior to maximize the award of damages against Bieber.

DiCowden was the guy who questioned Bieber in Miami in March in a videotaped deposition that went viral and caused another public relations nightmare for Bieber.

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