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Woman Spends $30K to Look Like Kim Kardashian, Is Now in Extreme Debt


Claire Leeson is 24 years old and "up to her eyeballs" in debt. But her money problems don't come from school loans or car payments: They come from her desire (need?) to look like Kim Kardashian West, whom Leeson idolizes above all others.

Leeson became obsessed with Kim K after she started watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2009 and, having been bullied at school, she began imitating the most famous (and most annoying) (My favorite is Khloe) Kardashian in order to give herself a boost of confidence. When she's "got her Kimmy on" Leeson says, she feels unstoppable, invincible and like she's really making something of herself.

She also says that being Kim Kardashian makes her love herself a little more. (Which makes some sense because there's no one that loves themselves more than Kim. Only Kanye can match her complete self-absorption.)


Leeson has spent over 30 thousand dollars to transform herself into her idol. She's undergone breast augmentation and regularly pays for teeth whitening, makeup, padded underwear (the Metro refers to it as bum padding which makes it sound fun and quaint but also not 350 pounds fun and quaint), hair extensions and extensive tanning. She pays for it all with credit cards and is now in extreme debt due to her transformation. She's even been summoned to court, but that's not stopping her. Leeson's now looking into more extreme measures to emulate Kim. Her latest plan is to have fat transplants to her butt so that she can achieve Kim's glorious derriere without the silicone prosthetics she currently wears.

Leeson told This Morning that her parents are worried about her, but she doesn't plan on ending her transformation anytime soon. When asked about ways that she relates to Kim, Leeson said "We have the same amount of siblings...we have the same kind of arguments."

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