Topshop Angers Shoppers with Racist Necklace

Topshop has come under fire for selling an awful charm necklace which features controversial yellowface imagery. @summoningesther tweeted the photo above of the necklace with “How is this racism acceptable? Told by manager is acceptable because it was vintage style and not racist” (sic).

Venus Wong of Refinery29 points out that the “vintage” charms resemble anti-Chinese propaganda cartoons that were popular in the 19th century. She also states that the accessories were likely inspired by the controversial Dolce & Gabbana Testa di moro-style earrings.

The piece is taken from Topshop’s “Freedom Found” collection, the website blurb for the collection reads “from eclectic Chinese mask charms, burnished silver Aztec medallions and exotic gem necklaces, the range offers vintage jewellery handpicked from around the world”.

This embarrassing and harmful piece of jewellery from Topshop is, as the UK shopper who brought it to everyone's attention said, completely unacceptable. The necklace has since been removed from Topshop’s website.