Cameron Diaz strips for beach shoot

IT'S your lucky Diaz, guys. Stunning star Cameron turns into a big tourist attraction by showing off her, erm, beauty spots on a Majorcan beach.

The actress gave holidaymakers quite a view as she stripped off for a fashion shoot on the Spanish island. And she wasn't holding much back.

"Almost every time Cameron changed her clothes we got a flash of boob," said one sunbather.

Golden girl Cameron, 34, has abandoned her trademark platinum hair to become a brunette, but was still easily recognised after jetting into Cabo Formentor.

The actress, who is dating pop heart-throb Justin Timberlake, giggled with her entourage as she changed from a grey chiffon skirt and bare breasts to a white bikini, and then into skin-tight black hotpants.

The Spanish island was the perfect place for Cameron to get into the mood for promoting her new film The Holiday, a festive blockbuster.

But fellas sharing the beauty's beach must have thought all their Christmases had come at once.

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